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What is Artisan Aesthetics?2020-04-09T21:54:49+00:00

We are your Injectable-only aesthetic boutique in the Durham Region. We do all things injectables.

How often should I get ‘Botox’ done?2020-04-09T22:12:46+00:00

Every 3-4 months.

What do you mean by Injectables?2020-04-09T21:55:01+00:00

We provide cosmetic injectable services such as ‘Botox’, Fillers and Deoxycholic Acid Injections. We are bringing in PRP and IV Vitamin services soon, too.

What does ‘Botox’ do?2020-04-09T21:56:59+00:00

‘Botox’ comes in 4 brands namely Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Nuceiva. It is a protein molecule that temporarily relaxes the facial muscles to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Will ‘Botox’ make me look fake and frozen?2020-04-09T22:12:36+00:00

Your treatment plan will be customized and tailored according to your goals to achieve subtle, natural-looking results.
So NO – you will only appear rested and refreshed!

Is ‘Botox’ painful?2020-04-09T22:15:07+00:00

We use tiny, baby needles for the injections. You may feel a pinch; but overall – our clients normally go back to work when they do it over their lunch break.

What is the worst side effect of ‘Botox’?2020-04-09T21:57:39+00:00

Lid Ptosis (eyelid drooping) is an adverse effect when treating the upper face with Botox. Proper placement, injection technique and following post-care instructions are essentials to avoid complications.

How can I prepare for my ‘Botox’ appointment?2020-04-09T21:58:14+00:00

Prior to your appointment, avoid any activities or substances that can thin out your blood such as Advil/Alcohol to avoid bruising.

Up to 3-4hours after your treatment, no rubbing/touching the areas we treated, you need to be upright, and no heat for the rest of the day such as workout, hot tubs.

What are fillers?2020-04-09T21:58:30+00:00

Fillers add volume, hydration and plumpness; common area we treat are the LIPS to add a nice pout.

We also use fillers to enhance cheekbones, contour the chin and jawline and address overall volume loss.

How often should I get fillers done?2020-04-09T21:58:44+00:00

How often you do it depends on the product used and the areas being treated. Lip injections you may do every 6-9 months while other areas such as cheeks, jaw, chin may last between 12-18 months.

Will I bruise after my filler appointment?2020-04-09T21:58:54+00:00

You may or may not bruise. However, we have measures in place to make the experience better such as using icepacks after the treatment, applying Arnica cream and home-care guidelines to prevent further bruising.

What is the worst side effect of Fillers?2020-04-09T21:59:09+00:00

Vascular Occlusion occurs when the product injected blocks vascular supply in an area.

This however is recognizable and there is an emergency protocol that we follow in the clinic to manage this complication.

Are lip injections painful?2020-04-09T21:59:32+00:00

A medical-grade numbing cream is applied prior to the start of the procedure; as well as the product itself has Lidocaine in it to further numb you. You will also be provided with an icepack after the treatment for comfort.

Overall, there is mild discomfort but absolutely manageable.

Is Juvederm a Filler? And are there any other brands of filler? Are they safe?2020-04-09T21:59:47+00:00

Juvederm is a brand of a filler however there are so many other players in the market such as Restylane, Belotero, Teosyal, Revanesse and Saypha.

At Artisan Aesthetics, we only use premium and Health Canada-approved products to ensure patient safety.

How can I prepare for my Filler appointment?2020-04-09T21:59:54+00:00

Prior to your appointment, avoid any substances that can thin out your blood such as blood thinners (with MD consent)/Advil/Alcohol to avoid potential bruising.

After your treatment, you may ice intermittently as needed. You can also take Arnica pills and Bromelain supplements. No strenuous activities for the next 24-48hrs.

What is a ‘Botox’ Facial?2020-04-09T22:00:08+00:00

This treatment involved using a micro-channeling device called the MesoGold to superficially infuse Botox and other vitamins to the skin. It addresses skin texture, pores, fine lines and overall facial rejuvenation; with no downtime. Clients love the glowing appearance they get after this facial.

What are Deoxycholic Acid injections?2020-04-09T22:00:17+00:00

These are injections that eliminate submental fat aka DOUBLE CHIN. They are supposed to be permanent and can be achieved in 2-3 visits. There is minimal-moderate downtime so timing your appointments is necessary.

What is the Artisan Menu?2020-04-09T22:00:26+00:00

The Artisan Menu streamlines the most common treatments we provide and gives you an idea of what you can do to improve problem areas.

They are also fully-customizable and tailored to suit your cosmetic goals.

Are consultations complimentary?2020-04-09T22:00:44+00:00

Yes, consultations are complimentary.  We take this time to educate you, answer all your questions and discuss your cosmetic goals considering downtime, budget and all other factors involved.

We will work with you in this process of becoming better versions of yourself.

Where can I find the prices of the services?2020-04-09T22:00:36+00:00

You can find them in the Artisan Menu. The cost of the services range depending on the need and your aesthetic goals; which we can also discuss further during your consultation.

How do I book an appointment?2020-07-16T02:51:21+00:00

Booking an appointment is made easy online:

Link is in the website and IG profile.

You may also call +1 905 922 5477 so we can further assist you.

Why Artisan Aesthetics?2020-04-09T22:11:44+00:00

Botox and filler services are in every corner wherever you go but the difference is in the EXPERIENCE.

We take pride in our method and our approach of providing you natural-looking outcomes with the goal of enhancing your own.

We educate, we recommend, you decide.