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Many people suffer from acne, particularly during periods of hormonal fluctuation. Symptoms include redness, irritation, and whiteheads. Generally, it can be controlled using some products, time, and patience. There are times when the inflammation is too deep and severe to manage by standard skincare routines. Cystic acne results when large, red, painful bumps develop deep under the skin without forming a head. It can take weeks for cystic acne to heal naturally, but Artisan Aesthetics offers Pimple Killer treatments, which help relieve inflammation and temporarily shrink cysts.
The Pimple Killer treatment reduces the size and redness of acne breakouts in as little as a few hours with an anti-inflammatory injection. The acne cyst is injected with a small amount of steroid to target, manage, and treat the acne lesions. The pimple-killing injections are not intended to be a preventative measure, and the results will vary based on severity and the root cause.
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This treatment can often be beneficial to individuals suffering from painful cystic acne. Pimple Killer injections are not recommended for people with active skin infections or triamcinolone allergies. 
Pimple Killer injection treatments are used to treat large cysts on both the face and body. 
These cysts are deep and, once injected with our Pimple Killer treatment, are greatly reduced in appearance, typically within 24-26 hours after injection.
Most patients can receive a Pimple Killer injection every 4-8 weeks if needed.

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