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Many people are bothered by having a “double chin.” Excess fat at this location has always been difficult to eliminate, whether through exercise and diet or through surgical methods like liposuction.
Deoxycholic Acid injections are a revolutionary, injectable treatment that can improve or even eliminate your double chin. It is a simple, easy, and non-invasive solution to the age-old double-chin problem. Deoxycholic acid is a synthetic form of a substance your body makes to absorb fats. When injected into the body, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells. 
The most amazing thing? Using Deoxycholic Acid injections to dissolve the excess fat under the chin does not require surgery at all. No need to change your social schedule or take time off work!
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Hair Restoration

$800/session | Package of 3: $1999

Hair Restoration with PRP

Rejuvenate hair follicles and get thicker, fuller, and darker hair with this unique hair restoration treatment!


Deoxycholic acid helps the body to break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected under the chin, it destroys fat cells, which can no longer store fat, resulting in an apparent reduction in fat and a slimmer chin.
Your treatment plan for deoxycholic acid injections will be customized so you can achieve optimal results. There are typically six sessions, recurring monthly for up to six months, which may vary, depending on the patient.
The results of deoxycholic acid treatment vary from patient to patient, but you should see results after the second treatment. 
The fat will be permanently eliminated by destroying the fat cells under the chin with deoxycholic acid. the fat can no longer be stored or accumulated in that area. Upon reaching your desired results, no additional treatments will be necessary, and your chin profile will remain permanently slim.

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