Have you noticed those vertical lines that extend from the sides of your nose and curve around the mouth? You don’t have to worry! You’re not the only one that has them. These evolve as we age and by other lifestyle factors. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about what causes smile lines, and what are the opportunities to help you get rid of them.

get rid of smile lines

Causes of Smile Lines

These are the following primary causes of why smile lines occur : 

  • Loss of Elasticity or Collagen – as we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity (collagen), and a lasting crease around our nose or mouth can be remarkable.
  • Genetics – Smile lines are very likely to be genetic as you inherit those facial patterns from your parents, especially if they appeared when you’re still young.
  • Skin that is dehydrated often displays accelerated signs of aging. 
  • Smoking can cause to quicken the normal aging process of your skin. The more cigarettes you smoke, the early skin damage will happen. Smoking is one of the most influential factors of facial wrinkles for both men and women. 

Ways to Getting Rid Of Them

  • Injectable Fillers

This is one of the top opportunities for people and prescribed by most doctors without experiencing surgery. It is injected at the crease from your mouth to your nose as it adds volume. This will keep your skin hydrated and more natural-looking. injectable fillers

According to specialists, injectable fillers last about 6-12 months at a time. It is unlikely to create an allergic reaction, and it can be dissolved with a substance if you dislike the effect or appearance.

If you’re weighing injectable fillers, find the right doctor or injectable filler specialist to execute such a procedure. Artisan Aesthetics estimates each treatment can cost from $500 – $1000.




  • Botox

It has one of the most recognized non-surgical cosmetic procedures that several Dermatologists recommend. Botox injection cannot eliminate those smile lines, but it will help soften them. You will begin to notice the results after a week and the line-smoothing will last about three to six months. 

Artisan Aesthetics also offers Botox Whitby. Click here.

Time to Change your Lifestyle 

There are plenty of ways you can lessen the formation of smile lines through changing your daily lifestyle. Start with good habits such as getting enough sleep, drinking in moderation, stop smoking, and stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy. Using sunscreen every day can also help you preserve your natural collagen and prevent worsening your smile lines. 


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