What is a Bella MD facial?

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Are you in for a facial treatment that does everything for your skin’s health all at once? If that’s a treatment you’re looking for, then Bella MD Facial works for you! Help your skin look better outside while improving better on the inside! 

Here at Artisan Aesthetics, we offer Bella MD Facial for your skin. See how it works and can help you bring a better aura to yourself. Check this post for more! 

What’s Bella MD Facial? 

Bella MD facials are all-in-one treatments that are made to fit your skin and your needs. Bella MD makes the skin look better on the outside and improves its health on the inside by using the latest innovations in serums and new device technology. 

The Bella MD is different from other water-based facial treatments because it can do medical-grade treatments like microdermabrasion, serum infusions, and extractions. Each Bella MD bio-infusion serum is made with a unique mix of solid ingredients that let you tailor your treatment to your skin’s needs. 

Encapsulation ensures that ingredients are safe while penetrating the skin’s barrier to getting visible and last results.

Areas That Bella MD Facials Can Treat 

The Bella MD technology is most often used to treat the whole face. But you can also use it on your neck, décolleté, and back. Bela is also great for treating skin that gets acne. Plan a session that will last about an hour.

Bella MD Facial Benefits

When you talk to your doctor about the Bella MD treatment, tell them about your main skin problems. This will help them find the best products for your skin to use during the Bella MD Facial. 

Here are some of the most common and apparent effects of the Bella MD Facial treatment.

  • It cuts down on the amount of oil in the pores
  • Restores the skin’s optimal moisture level 
  • It soothes and calms the skin.
  • It makes skin look better.
  • Photodamage is lessened.

Bella MD at Artisan Aesthetics 

With serum infusion, electrostimulation, and electroporation, this 5-in-1 Ultimate Skin Health Platform takes your microdermabrasion appointment to the next level. Here’s what you can expect to have at Artisan Aesthetics. 

Mela MD Packages

Artisan Aesthetics has the Bela Ultimate Facial. It’s a 60-minute treatment that will brighten, tone, and refresh your skin while addressing any particular skin problems.

The Bela Lite Facial is a “lite” version. It only takes 30 minutes and helps to deeply exfoliate the skin, giving it a more refreshed and glowing look.

The Best Candidate For The Treatment

The best person for a Bella MD Facial is someone who wants their skin to look and feel better. Bella MD is an excellent choice for most people because it can help with most skin problems. 

Also, this treatment is right for you if you want to improve your skin’s hydration, texture, or tone. During your consultation, tell your practitioner if you have any allergies, are pregnant, or have other health concerns.

Maintenance and Follow-ups

The Bella MD Facials is in and of itself a maintenance treatment. So, it must be on the list of things to do, at least every time the seasons change. 

A treatment of 5 to 6 sessions every two weeks could also be used to eliminate several layers of dead skin and improve the skin’s look and feel.

Quick FAQs

When To See The Results?

Most people see results right away after treatment. The number of treatments you need to get the best results may depend on your skin problems and the area you want to treat. 

But usually recommend a series of 3–6 treatments for the best results. A skin expert will determine your best treatment plan during your free consultation.

Does Bella MD Facial Works on All Skin Types?

Yes! All skin types can use Bella MD Microdermabrasion because it is safe and works well. But before you start any treatment, we recommend you talk to one of our skin experts.

How much does Bella MD Facial Cost? 

Depending on your healthcare provider, Bella MD Facial’s cost varies. But our packages here at Artisan Aesthetics range from $179 – $229. The package is still different than this cost. You can contact us today for more details about this matter. 

What Should I Expect?

After just one Bella MD treatment, your skin may feel smoother, cleaner, and more hydrated. Patients often feel like they look and feel better.

How many treatments will I need?

Again, it’s best to get a series of treatments for skin problems like acne, pigmentation, rosacea, and uneven skin tone. This will give you the best overall health and appearance of your skin. 

You can do 3–6 Bella MD treatments in 1–2 weeks. After this series, you should get a treatment once a month to help keep your skin healthy.

Is this treatment safe?

Bella MD is a safe, gentle treatment that doesn’t require any time off. Your skin may look slightly pink for a few hours after the treatment. This varies from person to person, depending on how sensitive and reactive the skin is. 

You will need a moisturizer and a broad-spectrum chemical-free SPF50 to protect your skin. An AegisMD skin care technician will tell you what skin care products you need to use at home to get the best results and keep your skin healthy.

Schedule your appointment with Artisan Aesthetics 

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