• How much do Botox treatments cost?

    Botox is priced per unit so it depends on how many units are needed. Every person is unique so it is important to book a consultation to assess the area you’re looking to treat.

  • How long does Botox last?

    Results last between 3-4 months. However, during that time you’ll feel the full effects of your Botox around 2.5 months after which the effects start to slowly wear off.

  • What is a good age to start Botox treatment for wrinkles?

    Mid to late 20’s are a good age to start for preventative Botox treatments.

  • How much do dermal fillers cost?

    The cost of filler is determined by how many syringes are needed to achieve the desired result and on the type of filler used.

    We offer packages based on your individual needs.

  • Is it safe to have Botox or filler treatments while pregnant or nursing?

    Due to the lack of research available, obstetricians have advised against the use of Botox and other injectables during pregnancy.

  • What is the difference between Botox and filler?

    Botox is botulinum toxin that relaxes the muscles. It helps to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Dermal fillers can help give a more youthful appearance and are used to replace volume in areas where volume has been lost due to aging like cheeks, smile lines, tear trough, jaw or chin. Filler for lips add volume, hydrate and provide a plumping effect.

  • What is PRP (platelet-rich plasma)?

    PRP is a 3 step platelet-rich plasma treatment that is obtained from your own blood. Your blood is drawn from your arm and put in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells from the plasma. This plasma serum is rich in platelets and is injected back into your skin to help areas that need a boost of collagen or restore hair loss.

  • What are chemical peels good for?

    A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to remove the top layers of your skin, revealing glowing, more youthful skin underneath. It can reduce fine lines, acne scars and uneven skin colouring.

  • What parts of the body can EmSculpt Neo treat?

    EmSculpt Neo is cleared for improving abdominal tone, strengthening the abdominal muscles, and helping to develop a firmer abdomen. It also strengthens and tones the buttock, thighs, and calves and improves muscle tone and firmness for muscles in the arms.

  • What is a treatment like?

    A simple strap holds the applicator in place over the areas you treat. Then, the applicators slowly heath using RF heat and electromagnetic pulses.

  • What result will there be?

    According to practitioners, results happen quite fast. You see a diminishing effect in fat, and you may notice changes as soon as after the second treatment; some even see results after the first treatment.

  • Is the treatment safe?

    EmSculpt Neo is very safe; do not use it if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices in or near the treatment area.

  • How long does a treatment take?

    Treatments generally last 30 minutes.