• Sad Smile, No more

  • The DAO is the muscle responsible for the pull-down of the lower face and hyperactive DAO muscles can have an affect on the marionette lines, making it look worse. It also connects to the platysmal bands in the neck, responsible for more pulldown. And as we age, the degenerative state of the fat pads descending accentuates the marionette lines, or the lines that form from the corner of the mouth down into the jawline.


    This procedure combines relaxation of the DAO muscle (pulls down the corner of the mouth) with neuromodulators PLUS subcision (with the use of a microcannula, releasing tension of pseudo-ligaments) resulting in a more neutral, relaxed smile.

Sad Smile, No more

Relaxation of the DAO muscle (muscle responsible for the pull- down of the lower face) with the use of neuromodulators PLUS subcision with the use of a microcannula, to release tension of pseudo-ligaments. Results in a more neutral, relaxed smile.



Who are good candidates of Sad Smile, No more?

When you start to see changes in the corners of the mouth and it pulls down, this is a good first step to prevent it getting worse.

How soon will I notice results?

Right immediately is a nice change that can be observed due to the subcision however full results take 2 weeks.

What is the discomfort associated?

Mild discomfort during subcision can be felt and minimal injections is required.

What are the risks?

Inadvertent effect on surrounding muscles can occur in asymmetrical smile which resolves overtime as the effects of the neuromodulator subside.